Artwork Design

Artwork Design

Artwork Design for Packaging

Designing artwork for packaging is a creative and important process that can help a product stand out on store shelves. The right design can communicate information about the product, attract attention, and create an emotional connection with consumers. The packaging design process typically begins with an understanding of the product and the target audience. From there, designers brainstorm ideas, sketch concepts, and create prototypes.

Artwork Design Details

What's required to get started with artwork design?

Describe your inspiration, provide us with any reference links, and share images and text that you would like us to include in your designs.

What packaging types do you support for artwork design?

As long as we have the dieline template, we can create a design for any type of packaging!

Do I need to provide you with a dieline template to design on?

Yes, we need mold templates to design. If you don’t have a die template, check out our die design service.

How many revisions does artwork design include?

We can make unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.

How much does artwork design cost?

US$80 for 1 packaging design on 1 dieline template.

What format will you send my artwork design in?

We’ll create the artwork design directly on a packaging dieline in PDF format, which can be edited in Adobe Illustrator.

How long does artwork design take?

Once we have the dieline template, 4-7 business days per artwork design.

Can you create graphics from scratch for my packaging design?

Yes! We can create any design service about packaging, just know your idea.

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