Structural Design for Packaging

Structural Design Project

There are many factors to consider when designing a package box, such as the size and shape of the product, the weight of the product, and the type of packaging material. The structural design of the box must also be taken into account, as it will affect how the box is assembled and how it will be able to hold up under stress.If your business does not have a professional packaging structure design team, please contact us, we will help you realize your packaging vision with a professional team.

Why Structural Design?

Creating a suitable structural design for an insert requires consideration of the following factors:

  • Choose the right material for the product and ensure the interior is structured
  • Due to differences in product size, shape and weight distribution within the box, a suitable internal structure is required to secure each product
  • Make sure the box exactly matches the product without creating excess waste

We will take all of these factors into consideration during the design process so that the designer can provide a well-structured insert design.

Process & Requirements

Usually we will provide the structural design within 3-5 working days after receiving the product

1. Early communication

Understand your specific packaging needs (e.g. box style, product placement, material type, etc.)

2. Get a rough quote

Once we understand your needs, an estimated cost will be given. Please note that the actual price is subject to the final confirmed sample.

3. Start a structural design project

Pay for structural design

4. Mail us your products

Send your product to our company, we will design a suitable die structure according to your product.

Note: The product is only for design or production purposes, if you need to return it, please ask us, we will arrange the return, otherwise we will deal with it by ourselves after 6 months.

5. Design draft

We will send you the design files after the design is completed.

6. Purchase a sample (optional)

You can buy physical samples of designs from us for testing product size and quality.

7. Make adjustments (if required)

We make adjustments (except redesigns) for free.


Structural design projects cost $99, please contact us for details.

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