Press Proof

Press Proof

Press Proof

Press Proofs are 2D printouts of your artwork in CMYK and/or Pantone on the exact material used in production. These are printed with the actual print facilities used in production (e.g. offset printers) and are the perfect type of proof for seeing the exact outcome of colors and artwork to be printed.

What's Included

Here’s what’s included in a Press Proof:

✔️Custom print in CMYK and/or Pantone
✔️Printed on the same material used in production
✔️ Finishes (e.g. matte, glossy)
💲 Add-ons* (e.g. foil stamping, embossing)

*Add-ons can be included on your Press Proof at an additional cost.


You will receive:

✅ 1 Press Proof delivered to your doorstep

Process & Timeline

Generally, Press Proofs take 8-10 days to complete and 7-10 days to ship.

1.Specify requirements

Choose the packaging type and define the specs (e.g. size, material).

2. Place order

Place your sample order and make payment in full.

3. Send artwork

Add your artwork to the dieline and send it back to us for approval.

4. Create proof (8-10 days)

The proof will be printed based on the artwork file you’ve sent over.

5. Ship proof (7-10 days)

We’ll send photos and mail the physical proof to your specified address.


Cost per proof: USD 149

Note: You must first provide us with the dieline template for this Press Proof. If you don’t have a dieline template, you can get one either by purchasing a sample of your packaging, through our dieline design service, or as part of our structural design service for custom box inserts.

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