Structural Sample

Structural Samples

Structural samples are blank, unprinted samples of your packaging. They’re the most ideal sample if you’re looking to test the size and structure of your packaging to ensure it works with your products.

Structural Samples Includes the following:

1.Custom size
2.Custom material

What's not included:

1. Pantone or white ink
2. Paper finish (eg matte, glossy)
3.Special process treatment (such as bronzing, embossing)

Note: structural samples are made using a cutting machine, the quality is not as clear/sharp as the machines used in production, these samples may be more difficult to fold and have some small creases on the paper.

For each structural sample order, you will receive:

✅ 1 dieline* of the structural sample
✅ 1 structural sample delivered to your doorstep

*Note: dielines for inserts are only provided as part of our structural design service.

Process & Timeline

Usually 5-7 days to complete the delivery

Specify requirements

Select the type of packaging you require and determine the specifications (eg size, material).

Place order

Send us your sample order and pay in full.

Create sample (3-5 days)

Samples will be made according to the specifications we have confirmed with you.

Ship sample (7-10 days)

We’ll send photos and mail the physical sample to your specified address.


Structural samples are available for all packaging types.


USD 39


Mailer boxes, folding carton boxes, foldable lid and base boxes, packaging sleeves,  custom cake boxes.

USD 49

Corrugated folding carton boxes, foldable tray and sleeve boxes, paper bags.

USD 99

Rigid boxes, magnetic rigid boxes.

*Note: structural samples of custom box inserts are available if you provide us with a dieline of the insert. If you don’t have a dieline for your insert, we can provide this as part of our structural design service.

Reimbursement Policy

If your production order amount reaches $20000, the sample order fee will be deducted from the production order payment.

We offer modifications free of charge.

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