Custom Water Reveal Pad

Water Reveal Pad

Water Reveal Pad encourage children to explore nature. Explain how everything in nature is interconnected and interdependent. And discover the joys of outdoor adventures that inspire curiosity and confidence.

About this item

  • Reusable pages are white with simple line drawings when dry; reveal colors and patterns when wet
  • Chunky-size water pen is easy to fill, easy to hold, stores in compact, spiral-bound book–great for travel
  • Minimums starting from 300 units per size or design.

Water Reveal Pad. This exciting scratch-free water activity for kids ages 3 and up features reusable pages and a refillable fountain pen. Just use the pen to color in each scene, and each brush will bring out the details and vibrant colors! Then, let the page dry to erase the picture and color it again and again. Every scene has search and search activity. The thick pen is stored in the lid for easy portability.

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